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EZ PAY Vacation Installment Plan

Announcing our new EZ Pay Vacation Installment Plan!Can't afford to pay all at once for your vacation or to make the required large deposit for your trip? We can help with our new EZ PAY Vacation Installment Plan, Here is how it works:

Depending on when you would like to travel, every vacation requires a deposit to book.  Deposits vary depending on the type of travel. Cruises require a deposit of between $150 - $500 per person or more.  Land only vacations can require a $300 deposit and up.  Air must be paid in full in most cases to book airline tickets. Your final payment is due approximately 75 days or less before you travel. Please note - this program will not work unless you plan to travel seven or more months before you begin the program. Installment plan cannot be used to purchase airline tickets only or for travel less than six months in advance.

 If you have enough for your deposit and  you plan to travel at least seven months from the time you contact us,  you can make your deposit with your credit card and then send us a check monthly for an amount that ensures your vacation will be paid in full by the time your final payment is due.(Or we can charge your credit card monthly).  As long as we have enough money in your account by final payment date, we make the final payment from the funds in your escrow account. Any funds in excess of your final payment will be mailed back to you after your travel date. (You should plan on traveling 7 months or more after making your deposit so you'll have smaller payments to make, depending on the price of your trip). If you don't have anything saved to go on vacation - you can begin sending us payments in any amount you choose of at least $75 per month. We put that money in an escrow account. When you have enough saved for a deposit, we will work with you to find the vacation you want and use your funds saved for your deposit.  You can then send us enough monthly to make sure your vacation is paid by your final payment date. This plan works if you are planning to travel at least a year from when you start your deductions. We will mail you a statement every three months showing how much you have saved in your account. (Statements are mailed Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, and Oct. 1.).

Your travel MUST be booked through Promal Vacations through one of our authorized suppliers.  We do NOT book through Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, or any of the large discount suppliers!   Travel must consist of resort and air, cruise and air, resort only, cruise only. Accounts cannot be used for hotel  bookings less than three nights or airline tickets alone.Other restrictions apply.Click HERE to read the details and then  contact us for a contract.

Click HERE to read our Terms and Conditions for our installment plan.